Friday, November 16, 2007

correction: i wasn't really happy on the 9th

in the past two weeks, i have:

1) had four midterms in three days;

2) had an emotional breakdown the likes of which haven't been seen around here in quite a while;

3) totally owned my hand on the hot handle of a mug, leaving me with a lovely blistery burn;

4) finished (poorly) the lay out of a whole issue of the flying squirrel while using in-design for the first time.

i feel like i haven't really had a chance to slow down for a long time. i don't even mean physically, although i am running around all the time (example: i must soon go collect data on elementary school kids, pick up ana pay for the copies of the squirrel, and meet lina, obstenibly before 5, when i want to safely back in westwood, tucked away from all the traffic of the world, where i can walk myself wherever i want to go). i'm just constantly sleepy. i woke up at 7 this morning, managed to make it until 9:30 and then tried to sleep for forty minutes, unsuccessfully. maybe that's my problem - restlessness. my mind is always running through ten bazillion things, which makes normal, ordered life very difficult.

this post is exactly like the last one, so i guess nothing's really changed since then - except maybe that sam actually offered up his new relationship as fodder for our phone conversation, immediately after telling me i should call him more. that's pretty impressive new ground.